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           Welcome to the British Pacing Association Website

Exists to further the cause of paced cycle racing and training in
Britain. It's members who are licensed by British Cycling to drive the motorbikes in use today all are prevented from doing so because they, British Cycling, are unwilling to facilitate the necessary insurance cover required which is in line with the UCI..Every other country which licenses pacers provides this cover which is the reason why Bryan Taylor and Simon Cope are kindly paced by Bruno Walrave and Wilfried Kluge.
If you have a view on this please feel free to contact Jonny Clay at Manchester 

1st Prix de BPA International Stayers Race Herne Velodrome 25.3.2005


               Stayer                                           Gangmaker    
1st Reinier Honig (Holland)               Sam MOOIJ (Holland)

Jan RICHTER (Germany)          Ronald ADELMAYER (Germany)

3rd Ronald SCHUR (Holland)            Ronald ROL (Holland) 

4th Bryan TAYLOR (Great Britain)  Wilfried KLUGE (Germany) 

5th Thomas Schmidt (Germany)         Manfred ADELMAYER (Germany) 

6th Simon COPE (Great Britain)        Bruno WALRAVE

7th Edwin SMEULDERS (Belgium)  Raymond PERSIJN (Belgium)

Interesting point : race winner Reinier Honig who was paced by the very experienced  gangmaker: Sam MOOIJ 
Reinier  is very new to to the stayer sport and is only 21 years old.This was his first Stayers Race on an oudoor track.An amazing achievement well done Reinier.He has a great future in the Stayer Sport.

Thank You Gangmakers and Stayers:

I must say a personal thank you and appreciatition from me and members of the British Pacing Association to the European Gangmakers and stayers for making this day so very special.Without your support there would have been know stayers race in the first place.
Thank you gentleman I will never forget
Friday 25th March 2005 the memory of the race will be with me for ever more.A perfect race made a perfect day.

First of all I would like to thank the Gangmakers:
Bruno WALRAVE(Holland), Ronald ROL (Holland)
Sam MOOIJ (Holland) Wilfried KLUGE (Germany) Ronald ADELMAYER (Germany) Ronald ADELMAYER (Germany)
& Raymond PERSIJN (Belgium)

And a personal thank you and apprication from me and members of the British Pacing Association to the European Stayers who all rode magnificently.
Reinier Honig (Holland), Jan RICHTER (Germany), Ronald SCHUR (Holland), Bryan TAYLOR (Great Britain), Thomas Schmidt (Germany), Simon COPE (Great Britain), & Edwin SMEULDERS (Belgium)

 As always, an event of this nature needs an enormous amount of help and assistance from people who freely give of their time and goodwill.It is not posssible to list everyone who has assisted but a big thank you to all anyway.
However we are particularly indebted to Ron Keeble at Gem Hygiene, Paul Spender at Derny Sport UK, John Rolf at Colostrum UK, Ron Beckett, Frances Rudd at Adept Industrial Coatings, Gerry Taylor,
Martin McCrossan at, John Mullineaux at London Cycle Sport, Colin Derrick and Judith Bonner.
Bruno Walrave
must be thanked for his invaluable support which helped make the Motor Paced race a reality.Finally we have to thank Dulwich Estates fot thir assistance and kindly granting permission for us to hold the Meeting during this period of uncertainty surrounding the assignment of the lease on the Velodrome.

Special thanks also to: Volker Brix, Luc Van Uytfange, John Purser, John Hawkridge, Dave Creasy, Ronald Rol. Sam Mooij, Graham Bristow, Derek Marlow, Colin Denman, and Rod,  Andrew Hilmanator Hillman soigneur from the Flanders Team. Jan Slater, Sam Rudd, and Helen Taylor. Willy Tarran and the officals who all did a splended job. Ed Wilding
for filming the Stayers Race.

           "The Event could have been cancelled by British Cycling"

It was a miracle that the event took place at all. I was contacted by British Cycling on the wed 23rd March and was asked to supply evidence of the European pacers insurance.By 10am the following day thurs.
I spent all day wed gathering the information.This was not an easy task. By
4am on the thurs morning 24th March. I had got the information. And e-mailed it to British Cycling. I was also told that the British riders Simon COPE and Bryan TAYLOR where not covered by British Cycling to pace behind 650cc pacing machines.
As they where only covered on BC insurance to pace behind a 125cc machine.
I was told by BC that if I got the evidence of the European pacers insurance then British Cycling insurers would be happy to insure the British riders so they could ride in the event. Then at 1.10pm on the thurs 24th March the day before the event I had the phone call from British Cycling and it was all ok the race could go ahead."Thank God for that"

The UCI say that pacing machines are from 500cc to 1000cc. Both Bryan and Simon have won national championships behind these actual 650cc pacing machines in the past.

The pacers who came to Herne Hill are all regular and professional members of the European Pacing circuit, whose cover is acceptable to the UCI for Stayer and Derny events on track and road and has been accepted by every other country where they have competed . The UCI requires that pacers must be covered for all third party liability risks in all the countries recognised by the UCI.

When I found out 18 months ago I had know insurance cover from British Cycling for pacing in  Derny or Stayer events in the
UK or Europe
. I sent a copy of  British Cycling's pacing insurance along with a copy of my British Racing Licence to the UCI..I was told that the insurance was not what was required under UCI regulations for pacing.The UCI advised me that it was clear that I had no-insurance cover at all. So I had know option but to stop pacing. So for the last 18 months I have tried to secure the adequate insurance. But it is proving very difficult. British Cycling say now they will have a re-think and re-address the problem to the board.

The Good Friday meeting to be held on March 25, is taking shape and the Prix de BPA International Stayers Race will be one of the highlights of the action packed programme.

Good Friday will see the return of motor pacing at Herne Hill, using the mighty Triumph Thunderbird's that are based at the track.

The legendary master motor pacer 15 times World Champion Bruno Walrave (pacing 50 years) will travel to London to head up a field of internationally acclaimed pacers in the Prix de BPA Stayers race & will partner the British National Stayers Champion, Simon Cope (Pacific RT).

Other riders include Ronald Schur from Holland and Jan Richter, the German stayers champion.And the up and coming 21 year old Reinier Honig (Holland)

Stayers and Pacers photo album

The motor paced Stayers race pits rider against rider, who use the slipstream of a pacing Triumph Thunderbird to attempt to gain an advantage. Riders will have to work hard to stay on the pace & you can feel the track rumbling as they race by at fast speeds.

Stayers racing is huge on the continent and the Pacers are almost as famous as the riders, many of whom play to the crowd & sport dashing mustaches to set them apart.

The word STAYER - used from around 1894 to describe the bicycle racer who competed in paced (human and motor) events, and was able to 'stay' at high speed for long periods.

Simon COPE (
Great Britain) Bruno WALRAVE (Holland)
Current British National Stayers Champion

Bryan TAYLOR (Great Britain) Wilfried KLUGE (Germany)
British National Stayers Champion 1991, 1992
British National Derny Champion 2003

Ronald SCHUR (Holland) Ronald ROL (Holland)
1st International Stayers GP Alkmaar Feb 2005
1st Stayersrace Amsterdam Nov 2004
1st International Stayersmeet Amsterdam Dec 2004

Reinier Honig (Holland) Sam MOOIJ (Holland)
1st Stayers A-serie Stayerpopulaire Alkmaar 2005
3rd Netherlands National Stayer Champs 2004
1st A-serie Stayer Race Amsterdam 2004
2nd A-serie Stayers Final Alkmaar 2004

Jan RICHTER (Germany) Ronald ADELMAYER (Germany)
German National Stayers Champion 2002
2nd German Nat. Stayers Championship 2003
1st Steher Cup
Erfurt (Germany) 2004
2nd Steher Deutschland Cup

Thomas Schmidt (Germany) Manfred ADELMAYER (Germany
1st Stayersrace Leipzig (
1st Stehermannschafts rennen
Erfurt (Germany)
3rd Stayersrace Leipzig 2002
3rd Stayersrace Bielefeld 2002

Edwin SMEULDERS (Belgium) Raymond PERSIJN (Belgium)
1st Stayers GP Saint-Etienne (France) 2002
1st Stayers GP Hulshout (
Belgium) 2003
1st Open Derny race Boom (
Belgium) 2001/3 

"Stayers can ride in the SCCU Golden Wheel Scratch Race at the end of the meeting as well"
"But please bring your normal track bike as well"

Order of events


a. Neovite White Hope Sprint 200mtrs TT

b. Gem Hygiene International Sprint 200mtrs TT

c. Adept 500mtrs Handicap HEATS


1. Adept 500mtrs Handicap - FINAL

2. Super Elimination Race

3. Neovite White Hope  Sprint  - HEATS

4. Gem Hygiene International Sprint  HEATS

5. Prix de BPA International Stayers Race (75 laps)

6. Neovite White Hope  Sprint - QUARTER-FINAL

7. Gem Hygiene International Sprint - REPECHAGE

8. Devil Take The Hindmost

9. Neovite White Hope  Sprint - SEMI-FINAL

10. Gem Hygiene International Sprint - SEMI-FINAL

11. Neovite White Hope  Sprint - FINALS

12. Ed Taylor Points Race

13. Gem Hygiene International Sprint - SEMI-FINAL REPECHAGE

14. Keith Bentley Scratch Race            

15. Gem Hygiene International Sprint - FINALS

16. SCCU Golden Wheel Scratch Race

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- If you would like to receive press releases
- If you would like press accreditation
- If you would like further information
- We have pictures suitable for the web from 2002 & 2003
- We can help source print media pics 
Good Friday Meeting

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              BPA  Members
Graham Bristow (cat "A" pacer)
Sean Bannister
(cat "B" pacer)
Dave Creasy (cat "B" pacer)
Colin Denman (cat "A" pacer)
Roger Hughes (cat "A" pacer)
Derek Marloe
(cat "A" pacer)
Ian Smith (cat "B" pacer)
Paul Spender (cat "A" pacer)

Robert Duin (NL)
Gangmaker: Uwe Smit Vutfeest in Alkmaar SportPaleis
Stayers Alkmaar 25.1.2005
Stayers Alkmaar 22.2. 2005
Netherlands National Stayers Championship 2004
Stayerfoto's achter de LSM's November 2004
Rhodopsin Photography

Paul Curran (GB)  
Oliver Vrchoticky
Peter Joerg (CH) 
Aurel Siegel (GER)
Mario Meurer (GER)

Paul Spender (GB)   
Luc Van Uytfange (BEL)
Steherrennen im Forst : 
Rene Gierth(GER)
Stayeren in Nederland: by (pacer) Ronald Rol and (stayer) Paul Preijer
Les Fondus Du Demi-Fond (Fr)
Les Fondus Du Demi-Fond Bis (Fr)
Les Fondus Du Demi-Fond Special Coueron

Velodromes Stayer/Derny Events:   
Alkmaar Sportpaleis (NL)  
Amsterdam Velodrome (NL) 
S-Heer Arendskerke (NL)
Hulshout Velodrome (BEL) 
Derny Spektakel (BEL) 
Singen Velodrome (GER)   
Polizeisportverein 1893 Forst e.V (CH)
Oerlikon Velodrome (CH)
Vel d'Hiv de Geneve (CH) (CH)       
Laborraccia (ITALY)      
Good Friday Meeting (GB)

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Harry Matter (NL)

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